Introduction to the Bach Flowers: Part VII

Introduction to the Bach Flowers
By Elizabeth Keller,
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Certified Hynotherapist

August, 2010

Greetings, once again, to all of you who have an interest in holistic healing and a commitment to making natural, inexpensive modalities accessible to all.
I am renewing this column to acquaint you with 38 of my dearest friends, the Bach Flower Essences. They were originally developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s as homeopathic derivatives of flowers from his native Wales. The essences address emotional pain and are completely safe and non-addictive. Up to 10 or even 12 essences may be combined in one dosing bottle. Dosing is usually 4 drops 4 times a day, under the tongue. The dose may be increased to every 5-15 minutes in times of great need. The drops may also be diluted with water, in which case they last longer.
Before we continue our series, I will review briefly. In the past issues of this series we have covered the following essences:
May, 2009: Rescue Remedy (crisis) and Holly (anger)
June, 2009; Walnut (protection) and Honeysuckle (stuck in past)
July, 2009; Agrimony (addictions) and Mimulus (worry)
August, 2009; Aspen (nightmares) and Wild Oat (lost in life)
September, 2009; Beech (irritability) and Willow (resentment)
October, 2009; Wild Rose (depression) and Centaury (weak-willed).
This issue, renewing the series, is dedicated to the flowers Cerato and White Chestnut.

Cerato: For those of us who feel like life is making a fool out of us…or we have already made a fool out of ourselves..Cerato is the essence for wisdom. The key symptom for Cerato is a lack of confidence in your own decisions. When you feel caught in the throes of many decisions, not knowing which way to turn, consider Cerato. When you feel you are about to or in the midst of repeating mistakes with old solutions that did not work before, Cerato is indicated in combination with Chestnut Bud, the Bach Flower for learning new lessons well. Cerato combines well with Larch, which is for overall self-confidence.
Cerato relates to inner certainty, intuition. “The heart has reasons that reason knows not” refers to our innate wisdom and discernment when we listen to the still, small voice within…our inner knowingness. Often, our foolish decisions come from the foolish decision to not trust ourselves and our inner connection with “Higher Self”, “Divine Will” or however you choose to name that phenonmenon. Often our rational mind over rules the inner knowing based on external authorities or dictates/demands from others. If we have hurt ourselves or others in the past through erroneous decisions (and who has not?), we are even more likely to second guess ourselves…and consult others. Cerato is for the person who continually is asking others.. “What would you do if…” Cerato also is useful for those people who have “analysis paralysis”. They cannot take firm action, because they are certain they still have not collected enough information…or information about the information..or new sources/opinions about the information… they die from not trying because they are trying to figure it all out first. People who are pulled by fads, who do not develop commitments about where they stand in life can use Cerato with Wild Oat, which help you locate your place in life. Cerato also stimulates your dreams and helps you to remember them.
The positive potential of Cerato is increased power of intuition and discernment; profound trust in your inner guidance, wise choices, an ability to organize information and use it correctly; and an eagerness to learn more and teach well.

White Chestnut: This essence is for those of us who cannot find the “off” button for our own mind. Better said: it is for all of us on those occasions when we cannot turn our mind off and relax! Often, when we are worried, we are ruminating. Or if we have a big project pending, we can’t let it go, even in the middle of family dinner or the middle of the night. Some people struggle with “the racing mind” when suffering from conditions of mania, anxiety, or just too much coffee! White Chestnut is a remedy for insomnia when it is due to the restless mind. Mental arguments and dialogues about what could’ve, should’ve been won’t quit. Sometimes you may hear a comment about you and it “gets to you” can’t stop thinking about it…around and around and around it goes…where it stops… is with White Chestnut. Remember, in times of great need you can repeat the essence every 5 minutes. If you are not sleeping anyway, you might as well take your drops! White Chestnut also helps the meditator who sits to still the mind. It also helps the person with attention deficit for any reason. When lost in distraction and unable to focus, this essence combines well with Clematis or Rescue Remedy.
“When my thoughts are like a hamster on a wheel, I use White Chestnut” one client reported.
The positive potential of White Chestnut is a balanced state of mind, a calm and clear head, the opportunity to have a solution appear of its own accord without effort or force; and the ability to use one’s power of thought constructively,…instead of being used by it!!!

Well, that’s it for this installment. Once again, for your information, a wholesale price for the Bach Flowers is available at There is an official certification available for those taking a 40- hour class with the Bach Centre in the United Kingdom. It costs about $310 US dollars. Also, there is a more economical, local and entertaining option: please join me for a short course on the Bach Flowers, which only costs $20. The next session is August 14, 2-4 pm. Call me for more information: 210 473-1619. I am also the only practitioner of the flowers (that I know of) that uses them to help people transition off of psychotropic medications (ie…antidepressants and mood stabilizers). I also combine the Bach Flowers with other healing modalities including the new microchip holograms from CieAura.
Please stay tuned next issue, when I will go into detail about Cherry Plum, for self-control and Chestnut Bud, to enhance learning. If you have any particular questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]; 210 473-1619; or review my website at Again, the blog is available at . If you will send me a brief e-mail requesting it, I have a one page handout that summarizes all the flowers. It wasn’t easy getting them all on one page!!!
References for this article available for your further study are: Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer and Bach Flower Essences for the Family by Wigmore Publications, Ltd., London.
Til our next encounter, may you bloom, grow and flourish in your life! And please, do fill your life with flowers!


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