The Benefits of Hormone Therapy

By Elizabeth Keller APRN-BC

Many people are yet not aware of the benefits and anti-aging properties of bio-identical hormone replacement. By saying bio-identical we mean a hormone that has the exact structure as the one made in the human body. There was a great deal of controversy about Premarin and Prempro about 15-20 years ago. These two hormone replacement medications were derived from pregnant mare’s urine. They were found to increase the risk of heart disease and breast cancer. The alarm was sounded. Hormone therapy became bad news. Now that there are safe bio-identical alternatives available for hormone replacement, it is time to lie to rest a lot of the anxiety. There are safe alternatives to Premarin now available. It is time to lie to rest a lot of the anxiety and concern about the former use of Premarin and Prempro.
When you replace your hormones, you can increase your energy level, lose weight and keep it off. You can improve your muscle mass and prevent diseases such as diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease. Replacement hormones build up the immune system, relieve depression, and eliminate mood swings and help sleep. Adrenal fatigue, loss of sex drive and the symptoms of menopause as well as wrinkling of skin and loss of hair can be corrected with proper hormone replacement can correct such conditions as adrenal fatigue, loss of sex drive as well.
Think of hormones as middle management in a corporation. The hormone’s take the information from the executive from in the brain and delivers the orders to the workers in the cells of the body. Can you imagine what a corporation would be like without middle management? Short answer is chaos. After the age of 40, all hormone’s, begin to drop drastically. This is because as far as mother-nature is concerned, people over 40 no longer contribute to the evolution of the species. The loss of their hormones is her way of saying, scoot over for the next generation. That is why I am somewhat dismayed when people say “I want to go the natural way” and of course you can do that. Just realize that after 40, mother- nature is not your friend! As hormone’s plummet, the symptoms we usually blame on aging begin. Fortunately, many of these symptoms of aging can be reversed or prevented by correcting our hormones to optimal levels. It is important that I emphasize OPTIMAL LEVELS. If you have a blood test done on your hormone levels with your regular physical with your doctor, he or she will only be looking for a disease process. I am looking for optimal wellness and the prevention of aging. With the same blood test I will have higher expectations for the result. I want your hormones to reflect the level of a healthy 35 year old male or female. This is standard practice in this new specialty of medicine called Anti-Aging.

To give you an example, while a testosterone level of 350 may be normal for a 60 year old man, the ideal level on anti-aging purposes would have that level to be around 900 at least; because that is normal for a 35-year old man. Obviously, anti-aging hormone replacement would begin long before a disease- oriented physician would prescribe it. The same thing goes for the thyroid gland, for example, TSH-(thyroid stimulating hormone) usually has a normal level of 5 or less. Over 5 usually indicated hypothyroidism. The anti-aging standard for TSH is 2.5 or less. We are looking for optimal metabolism to support permanent weight loss, or just the absence of disease. Healthy aging is a choice. We do not have to lose our energy, vitality, strength, physique and health. Please BEGIN your adventure in Anti-Aging as soon as possible. We can build a younger you!

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