The Hormone of the Month: DHEA

Hello natural health fans! In a previous article I had reviewed the vitamin that is also a hormone: Vitamin D, and that most masculine of hormones: testosterone.

I am continuing that trend: one hormone per article.. to get you acquainted to all of the available bioidentical hormones…without overwhelming you!

This hormone is called DHEA because no one wants to bother with its official name: Dehydroepiandosterone! DHEA is a wonderful support for your immune system. DHEA nourishes your thymus, which produces your soldier T-cells. As you grow older, your thymus shrinks, and DHEA drops dramatically. I’m sure you have noticed.. with yourself and your friends and family, that along with more years comes a weaker immune system. You are more susceptible to infections and chronic disease.

The way I explain it is this: after the age of 40, in the eyes of Mother Nature, you have lost all usefulness for the propagation of the species. She wants you off the planet to make room for the new generation. What better way to hasten your demise than to cripple your immune system?!

Now, if you prefer to go the natural way, be my guest. Just be aware that at this point in your life, Mother Nature is not your friend.

I know She will win in the end. My commitment is for you to “have more years in your life and more life in your years” .

So, supplementing with DHEA makes a lot of sense! Here’s why:

Quoting from the text The Official Anti-Aging Revolution,
“DHEA may enhance immune resistance to infection and reduce the risk of age-related diseases, including: cancer, coronary heart disease, and osteoporosis. DHEA improves blood sugar and helps prevent diabetes type II. It facilitates weight loss and helps convert fat to lean muscle. DHEA controls Alzheimer’s disease, lupus, AIDS, Epstein-Barr, and chronic fatigue syndrome.”

It also helps in the treatment of herpes, menopause, depression, memory problems, learning disabilities. It increases the overall life expectancy.

Wow! Good news! And even better news: DHEA is available over the counter. The prescription DHEA is better quality and sustained release. However, for most routine cases, OTC (over the counter) DHEA supplementation is less expensive and provides sufficient support.

The dose varies upon individual needs. People with a severely compromised immune system, HIV or cancer, will need higher doses. For the average man, the starting dose is 100mg per day. For the average woman, 25-50mg per day.

I replace the DHEA levels in my clients to the same level of a healthy 35 year old. For men that is 600 ug/dl. For women, that level is 300 ug/dl. I have never seen a single lab result from a client over 40 to be at that level without supplementation.

Hormone replacement can be a bit tricky, especially at first, when you are figuring out the right dose for you. If you would like more information on how to balance your hormones, in the healthiest way possible: please come see us at Life Motivations for a free initial consultation.

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