Figure-Friendly Tips for Holiday Eating

Well, here we go again… the holidays are upon us. Along with the good cheer comes a lot of good food. And of course you are invited to join in.

How would you like to be prepared for the cultural onslaught of treats and eats through out Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s? We can arm you right now to enjoy yourself without regretting it when you get on the scale in January!

Check out the following tips from the Life Motivations Weight Loss Clinic:

•Suppress your appetite. There are MANY ways to make sure you feel full at party and snack time. For instance, psyllium seed husks or other fiber supplements expand in your stomach when you add at least 8oz of water. This works like a temporary gastric bypass!

•Another non-stimulant, over-the-counter appetite suppressant is homeopathic HCG drops. While the drops do not have the same effectiveness as the prescription strength HCG injections, they can still blunt your appetite safely.

•Never, never, NEVER go to a restaurant or party hungry. Eat a nourishing, filling, high fiber meal before you go. Yes, you want to deliberately spoil your appetite before dinner!

•Water, Water everywhere. Water is one of the best and least expensive weight loss secrets of all time. Log in 3 to 4 liters (quarts) a day. Drink before you eat your meal. Or begin with a hearty soup. Be sure to drink a flavored water with no calories if you just can’t seem to get plain water down!

•Snack throughout the day. Limit your sit-down meals to one a day. Eating small meals frequently has you not pig out, and it evens out your calorie intake throughout the day. This is how you can avoid massive sugar spikes in your bloodstream that lead to fat storage…and diabetes!

•If you are under a lot of emotional stress during these holidays, please remember that you may tend to eat more comfort foods and the stress hormone, cortisol, will turn it into fat! Consider a supplement like Kavinace that actually supports your nervous system to calm down. Another alternative is the Bach Flower Essence Rescue Remedy. Rescue can be taken every 5 minutes, four drops, under the tongue, in times of great need. It sure beats an emergency intake of chocolate chip cookies

•Above all, remember that life is a rollercoaster and weight is part of life. You always have the next bend, the next bright idea, the next opportunity where anything is possible. So, even if you gain the proverbial 5 to 1o pounds, stay tuned for help with those New Year’s Resolutions!