HCG Weight Loss Programs & Hormone Treatment

Are you tired of failing at weight loss programs?

You can try to lose weight anywhere.

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Is it time for you to look at the mind-body connection? Our individualized programs are designed to fit you, and they are life-long. What makes us unique is that we address the mental-emotional game of weight loss, including hormonal issues, depression, anxiety, and subconscious associations with food. We will prescribe hormones and other medications as needed for medical problems.

Also we guarantee our weight loss services. If you do not lose at least 20 pounds in our 6 week program, you may repeat the program without charge for our services.

Our culture hits us everyday with opportunities to eat high calorie, fattening food. Our cutting edge programs give you the advantage over this onslaught. We include a maintenance program upon completion of the intensive program.

Please come in for a free initial consultation. We will conduct a full complimentary body analysis for you (a $50 value). It includes body mass index, basal metabolic rate, percent of fat, muscle, and water weight, as well as predicted weight loss needed. We will take a careful history and introduce you to our programs. Once your questions are answered, you decide.

We believe that we have something unique, special, powerful, and permanent to offer you. That is why we are in business. That is why we are your path to wellness!

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