August 2013
Nelson Milan Testamonial

Nelson Milan just finish his first round in the program. He suffers from Diabetes Type II and his doctor was piling on more medications and pills. His blood pressure was out of control. He took a leap of faith and tried the Life Motivations Program. The first round he went from 272 lbs to 255 lbs. Nelson shares about the positive impact the program has had on his weight, blood pressure and blood sugar.

June 2013
Barbie’s Testamonial
You have heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” What I have learned from Elizabeth Keller, life coach and owner of “Life Motivations” is that…
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January 2013
TL’s Testamonial
I want to thank you with all my heart and soul for the work and magic
you have brought to me. In the past month my health, mental state,
emotional wellness and balance have felt like they are all working in
unison. It’s as if Ihave been set free to live the life I was destined
for! Thank you!!! TL

Mack Lost 50Lbs!!

Doris and Anton

Aaron’s Testamonial

Yolanda’s Testamonial

Gail’s Testamonial