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There are many excellent and reputable weight loss programs in this country. Most are reliable for producing significant results….for awhile. Unfortunately, despite this fact, the United States remains the most obese country in the world and the health implications mount daily. Something is off here.

You are probably one of those people being affected by this national trend and you are looking for real answers.

Why would you consider the Life Motivation’s program among all of the many other choices you have? Simply because the missing ingredient in all the other well-designed and well-executed programs is YOU. No matter how wonderful the program, if it is not designed to address your life, your needs, and your permanent re-orientation to a healthy- weight lifestyle, the program will ultimately fail.

Our program is designed to fit you. Not the other way around. It does not end. You may continue to use our services for as long as you need a “refresher” a “pick-me-up”, or a complete re-orientation due to life crisis. Life does not sit still. It does not fit in a box. It does not follow a prescription. Nor do you. Our program applies the best in weight loss science with our skills in intrapersonal development: spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. This is what makes us unique. The intensive “fat farm” programs are too expensive to be used on a lifelong basis and they cannot be integrated with a “real” life. Programs that are less intense may not provide you with the strength you need to be truly supported in the face of our cultural onslaught. This onslaught is what we call, our “donut-eat- donut” world.

Think about it. As a culture, we eat to celebrate… we eat to console ourselves. We eat when we are bored…we eat when we are being entertained. We eat because it is meal time. We eat because it is not mealtime yet. We eat because we are with friends and family…We eat because we are lonely. We eat at all hours and have restaurants and gross-ery stores available 24/7. 365 days a year. There are birthdays every one of those days. One of them is yours! There is a major holiday every 6 weeks or so..and minor holidays all the time…Then of course…we are an inclusive culture and can also celebrate the holidays of other cultures! When and where does it stop? Answer: it doesn’t.

So the real response is for you to feel personally motivated by and satisfied with something different than the cultural norm. That is where we come in.

Our cutting edge HCG weight loss program follows the traditional and scientifically validated approach originally used by Dr. Simeon in Europe over 50 years ago. It is then modified to YOU. Our counseling and hypnosis program, at no extra charge, provides you with support and insights; creative new solutions; and the love and laughter we all need to accept our humanity and change for the better.

We will also address your hormone levels for thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone. We can provide you with real answers to hormone issues using SAFE, bio-identical human hormone replacement, to maintain weight loss and to fight the effects of aging.

Finally, we will address any medical issues you have that are blocking your weight loss, such as chronic fatigues, low grade infections, diabetes, and heart disease.

Please consider coming into our clinic for a free initial consultation.

We will conduct a full complimentary body composition analysis for you. We will take a careful history and introduce you to our programs. Once your questions are answered…you decide.

We believe the HCG program with Life Motivations is likely to be the final answer to your weight loss concerns.

We believe we have something unique, special, powerful and permanent to offer you.

That is why we are in business. That is why we are your path to wellness!

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