Wellness Plan

Do you worry about not having Health Care Insurance?

Are you self employed?

Do you have a high deductible on your Health Insurance?

Is your Health Insurance letting you down?

Do you ever want to consider natural alternatives for your medications?

Do you have to wait too long to see a Doctor?

Consider becoming a member of life motivations wellness program?

    Membership Benefits Include:

  • Minimum of 20% to 40% discount on all services offered, including HCG weight loss, hormones, and psychotherapy
  • Access to our quarterly newsletter: The Rose
  • One free 30 minute phone console to per month related to any medical concern, such as prescriptions, infections, rashes, cold sores, skin conditions, yeast infections, colds, sore throats, UTI, bronchitis, ear infections, eye infections, allergies
  • Refills on routine medications
  • Treatment and reversal of high blood pressure / diabetes
  • Wellness checkups
  • Antiaging advice
  • Body composition analysis
  • Weaning off medications in favor of natural alternatives
  • Appetite suppressor prescriptions
  • Medical massage prescriptions
  • Free health workshops with guest speakers

Cost $30.00 per month for one year

Call TODAY to signup and start receiving the benefits of this amazing program!